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Writes4Women is all about celebrating women's voices and supporting women's rights. It’s about writing the voice, reading the voice and being the voice. It's where women are invited to take up as much space as they want and we do!

Every month co-hosts Pamela Cook (the professional author) and Kel Butler (the total newbie) take the audience along with them as they write their own books. Pam's 5th and Kel's 1st.

In MENTORING MOMENTS Pam mentors Kel as she writes her book, focussing on a particular writing challenge each month and setting tasks that everyone can apply at home. ASK PAM is where Pam picks a writing challenge sent in by someone from our audience and provides advice on how to tackle it.

Then we put a SPOTLIGHT ON AN EMERGING AUTHOR. Each season W4W will follow an emerging author who has completed their novel and is now seeking publication. This season we are following Rae Cairns and each month we will talk to her about a different part of her writing process which we all hope ends in publication.

BOOK 2 BRAND is where we unpack the overwhelming world of author platforms and social media. Starting from the ground up or building on what you already have, our tips are all about time and cost efficiency because writers aren't millionaires and we don't need anymore distractions from our writing but in today's world it really is publicise yourself or get swallowed up by those who do.

THE MONTHLY GAB FEST is where we talk to a brilliant female writer who is making an impact somehow. Women writers of all formats and genres, telling very different stories, sometimes feminist, sometimes not but always fascinating and fun.

And we close with an uplifting and inspiring story of positive change from the Room to Read Girl's Program, in our RECOGNISING ROOM TO READ segment.

So join us every month as we celebrate writing as women and the female voices that have inspired generations while championing the ones writing in the fight for change today.